We pride ourselves on our ability to identify overlooked opportunities.

Our Story

SomeraRoad was founded in 2016 to take an entrepreneurial and creative approach to value-add and opportunistic real estate. We have since evolved into a diversified, vertically-integrated platform with a reputation for solving complex problems, becoming local experts, and aggressively executing our business plans. 50+ transactions later, our team remains entrepreneurially nimble and passionate about executing unique projects nationwide.

Investment Philosophies

“Know Thy Markets and Invest Like a Local”

Alignment of

We invest our own capital alongside our investors every time, ensuring no investment is ever made without our utmost confidence in its merits.


Our reputation matters. As we continue to expand our platform, our partners have become repeat investors, lenders, brokers, and advisors.


We pride ourselves on being responsive, attentive, and reliable in communications to all stakeholders.


We only seek deals with highly asymmetric risk profiles, in which downside risk is limited and upside potential is compelling.