A New York investment and development firm quietly has assembled land in Kansas City’s West Bottoms in recent months as part of a generational master plan for much of the historic area.

SomeraRoad Inc. proposes an ambitious series of historic preservation and new-build projects throughout about 26 acres, roughly bounded north to south by Union Pacific railroad tracks and 12th Street, and west to east by Liberty Street and BNSF Railway tracks.

An early phased plan calls for as many as 1,238 apartments, plus hospitality and mixed-uses, to be completed through the end of 2035. Pocket park, courtyard and open-space amenities are woven throughout the redevelopment in place of current vacant lots and alleyways.

“Our vision is to increase density in the West Bottoms while preserving the historic fabric of this one-of- a-kind neighborhood,” SomeraRoad Principal Basel Bataineh said in a release. “We envision a vibrant mixed-use, live-work-play-stay district that will celebrate the city’s birthplace.”

The Downtown Council of Kansas City counts itself a supporter of the West Bottoms redevelopment.

“The West Bottoms is special for so many reasons,” CEO Bill Dietrich said in the release. “Our Imagine Downtown KC 2030 Strategic Plan encourages redevelopment of the West Bottoms to retain its historic character, while creating public space and increasing connectivity across Downtown. We commend SomeraRoad for working to meet that vision.”