INDIANAPOLIS — Next month, there will be a new spot to check out downtown and some familiar favorites. It’s part of phase one of the Stutz Building redevelopment project.

The old factory sits bordered by 10th Street to the south, 11th Street to the north, Capitol Avenue to the east and Senate Avenue to the west.

At the beginning of 2021, SomeraRoad acquired the building and invested $100 million to modernize the century-old factory. The New York City-based developer specializes in restoring large-scale historic properties.

“I mean from day one to what I am seeing today is very rewarding,” said Chris Adams, the creative director at SomeraRoad.

The project was a huge undertaking with the build taking up an entire city block.

Phase one restorations included new windows, elevators, entrances, HVAC, electrical and plumbing infrastructure, façade repairs and a complete restoration of the historic archway on Capitol Avenue.

“We’re kind of tackling it one level at a time. The first level is going to be all restaurants and retail and then the floors above will be offices and we have some spec suites up there,” Adams said.

During the creative process, SomeraRoad also made it a priority to incorporate the vibrant art community and local businesses.

“We want to work with local artists. We want to work with small brands, local chefs and really take that vision to the next level,” Adams said.