SomeraRoad is an opportunistic commercial real estate investment and development firm focused on identifying dislocation and mispricing, while maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset with a rich workplace culture. SomeraRoad is based in Nashville and New York City but invests in markets across the United States. Our projects are diversified across all asset classes, U.S. geographies, and within financial products throughout the capital structure. We aim to create asymmetric, high-return investment opportunities through proprietary sourcing strategies and intensive value-add.


Million In Equity Deployed


Unique Markets


million sf acquired


Billion in Total Transactions

Product Types:   Office   |   Industrial   |   Retail   |   Multifamily   |   Cold Storage   |   Student Housing   |   Hotel


FedEx Logistics Headquarters, Memphis, TN

Grand Plaza, Allentown, PA

Uncovering Value

We focus on identifying arbitrage-oriented real estate debt and equity transactions with a below-market cost basis and an asymmetric risk profile. We seek opportunities throughout the capital stack, regardless of asset class, geography, investment product, or risk/return profile, so long as we can identify mispricing.

Vertically Integrated Platform

Our team takes a “cradle-to-grave” approach, owning all aspects of the deal from sourcing, acquisition, business plan development and execution, all the way through to exit. With our captive construction management firm, and in-house legal and accounting teams, we are able to execute projects quickly and efficiently.

Customized Deal Structure

We take a bespoke approach to every opportunity. Each of our investments is unique and warrants an individualized approach to capitalization. We partner with a wide array of capital partners and investors based on deal size, risk/return profile, speed of execution, and business plan.