Unison Industries

Jacksonville, FL
184,810 SF
Industrial & Office
Located in Jacksonville, this property serves as the global headquarters for 2,000‐employee Unison Industries, an aircraft manufacturing division of General Electric Aviation (NYSE: GE; S&P: BBB+). It is 100% leased to the tenant with Unison having recently executed a long-term extension, coinciding with significant reinvestment in the asset. Unison has been in occupancy at the facility for over 30 years and has invested nearly $20 million in equipment at the facility during that time. Unison has nearly 50% market share for its business in military and commercial engines and benefits from a multi-year backlog of work due to long-term servicing and repair agreements with its loyal customers, including the United States Military. The property is strategically located between two large naval installations, in near proximity to the company’s largest customers.
Deal Team

Joe LeMense Jr.

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