Unison Industries

Jacksonville, FL
184,810 SF

The property serves as the global headquarters for the 2,000‐employee Unison Industries, a division of GE (NYSE: GE; S&P: BBB+) and is 100% leased to the tenant through May-2030. Unison has been in occupancy at the facility for over 30 years and has invested an estimated $15 to $20 million in equipment at the facility, much of which is bolted or cemented into the foundation.

The company has over a 50% market share for certain components of military and commercial engines and benefits from a multi-year backlog of work due to long-term servicing/repair agreements with customers, including the US Military. The property is strategically located between two large naval installations placing it in close proximity to a large portion of its customers’ operations.

Deal Team

Joe LeMense

Leasing Inquiries

Property Manager:
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