SomeraRoad Inc. has submitted plans for a 96,224-square-foot building on Humphreys Street, near its intersection with Chestnut Street, according to the Metro Planning Department.

The proposed development, which covers five parcels from 475 Humphreys Street to 487 Humphreys Street, would bring 80,963 square feet of office space to Wedgewood-Houston.

Jonathon Reeser, principal and co-head of acquisitions at SomeraRoad, said he’s hopeful to start construction on the project early next year.

“The goal is to put our Nashville headquarters in there. We’re talking to a couple other tenants but that’s confidential at this time. We’re currently on the corner of Eighth [Avenue] and Division [Street]. We’re kind of in a temporary office space until we get this built,” Reeser said. “We opened our office in Wedgewood-Houston and we’re looking forward to moving back.”