SomeraRoad, a commercial real estate investment and development company, is developing a mixed-use project known as Paseo South Gulch in Nashville. The $200 million property will be located at 620 Eighth Ave. S. The property’s 16-story tower 1 is expected to be finished by 2023, and the 20-story tower 2 is expected to be completed by 2024. The two towers will total 608 residential units.

Between the high rises, there will be 18,000 square feet of office space and 14,000 square feet of new retail space. The base of the towers blends with the original Voorhees Building and former Antiques Mall. SomeraRoad plans to refurbish the original bow truss roof and brick façade of the Antiques Mall, which will open in March. The development company also plans to update the Voorhees Building with all new windows, elevators and building systems, as well as a glass rooftop addition. The building is expected to open in June.