INDIANAPOLIS — The developer that revamped the Stutz Building downtown is now getting ready to start a new project just across the street. It’s called “Stutz II.”

Originally, New York City-based company SomeraRoad proposed an entirely new five-story structure known as the Stutz South. Now, the 2.4-acre project will incorporate part of the existing three-story building at 217 W. 10th St. and two new five-story structures.

In total, the development would have about 275 apartments. The new buildings would be built on either side of the existing structure. Plus, Roanoke Street would be converted into a pedestrian plaza.

“We look forward to working closely with the city of Indianapolis and our fellow community stakeholders on this next phase of the redevelopment of the historic Stutz campus that will offer best-in-class residential in the heart of one of Indianapolis’ most exciting and historic neighborhoods,” said Brock Kenyon, vice president of SomeraRoad.

The plan still needs final approval next Wednesday from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Development Commission. If given the green light, a groundbreaking is expected later this year.