McFarling Foods

Indianapolis, IN
118,850 SF

This cold-storage facility is leased to McFarling Foods through Sept-2029. Founded in 1948, McFarling Foods Inc. is one of the largest independently-owned broadline food distributors in Indiana. The Company employs more than 100 people and has estimated annual revenues of $70 million. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, McFarling Foods was awarded a $2 million USDA contract to distribute food. This facility serves as its sole distribution center for its customers across the Midwest and operates 24-hours, 6-days a week with half-day shifts on Sunday. The property is ideally located with immediate access to two major highways, allowing the company to efficiently serve its local and regional customers alike. When McFarling Foods was searching for a new facility in 2019, this property was the only one of its size with cold-storage in the Indianapolis market that fit the company’s needs. Market occupancy for product of this size and type is nearly 100% in the region.

Deal Team

Joe LeMense

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